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Santa Rita Hills - Lafond Vineyard

2013 Syrah/Grenache
After three decades of wine growing in the Santa Rita Hills of the western Santa Ynez Valley, Pierre Lafond and winemaker Bruce McGuire are still experimenting with unconventional grape varieties in our cool climate growing region.

The knowledge gained since the first planting of six varieties in 1972 (one of the early vineyards in Santa Barbara County) has led to a focused approach in which varietals are sought out according to Bruce's hypothesis on a grape's potential to exhibit unique character when grown in our area.

This pioneering has paid off with great success such as the introduction of Syrah to the Santa Rita Hills. Grenache has the same potential as Syrah to show off spicy character expressed in a different way than the white pepper spice found in our cool climate Syrah.

The 2.25 acre planting has paid off in a distinctly bright Grenache exhibiting a hint of black pepper with cinnamon spice and dark red fruit flavors with a whisper of menthol. Three separate Syrah lots showcase the overt cool climate Syrah character.

Winemaker's comments: 2013 was an excellent year for red wine. Picking in mid to late October the days are shortening and the nights are cooler extending the maturation and firming the acidity. The bright red fruit of Grenache compliments the dark white flavors of the Syrah.

Double Gold 2016 Amrican Wine Society National Competition
Double Gold 2017 Tasters Guild Wine Competition
Gold Medal 2017 Critics Challenge

Suggested Retail Price: 38.00
2013 Syrah/Grenache 38.00

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Dates: Oct. 8,19,24 2013
Sugar: 25.1 Brix

100% Lafond Vineyards,
Santa Rita Hills AVA
60% Syrah
40% Grenache

Barrels:10 Burgundy barrels
Total Acid: .73
pH: 3.43
Alcohol: 14.6
Sugar: Dry

Bottled: March 10, 2015

Production: 233 Cases