Winter Time

Not only are the vines going dormant but it seems at times that the winery goes dormant as well in the winter. Not so, red wines are still being pressed, we have at least another week of pressing. They are also being barreled, checked and topped regularly and checked, as well, that the secondary fermentation is active.

All our red wines and some of our whites go through malolactic fermentation – the conversion of malic acid to lactic acid, which gives both reds and whites that roundness and in Chardonnay that buttery quality.

Some of our whites that are fermented in stainless steel do not go through this secondary fermentation, and that is deliberate, since we are looking for a style that is fruity and fresh with little or no barrel ageing. Perfect examples are our Rose of Syrah and the Sauvignon Blanc.

Unfortunately, this is not very photogenic time.

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