The Pink Jeep

Andy Joughin may have retired but his old pink jeep (original color) hasn’t. David has bought this wonderful 1960 specimen from Andy, made it run (barely) and has high hopes of improving its performance.

Despite spending the last 25 years out in the open, immobile, it has not completely rusted out and once the gas tank has been cleaned out, its main feature, consisting mostly of jerky stops and starts, may be fixed. The seats are fine if you don’t mind sitting on raw springs and the cracked windshield is not a problem if you lay it flat. Ideal for the vineyard.

The color is not one you find on many jeeps today. In the late 50s or early 60s there was a Disney movie in which there were some very cute pink jeeps which apparently created a demand. David plans on painting it a different color. Should he keep the original color? – let us know.

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