Still Pruning!

Pruning will continue, probably, for another 10 days. We are getting close to bud-break and then begins two months of worrying about frost. We have fans in place, motors filled with gas, plastic fence in place, or soon to be, and now we wait for that wake-up ring that tells us the temperature is falling, usually at 2:00am.

2.12.13-pruningThe first image shows the first pruning pass with the machine and the second after the hand crew has passed. Each arm of the ‘cordon’ will have 6 to 7 spurs and each spur 2 buds for a total of 6 to 7 fruit canes per vine. In areas more susceptible to frost the spurs will not be cut back to 2 buds until budding is about to begin. This in the hope that it will delay budding closer to the cordon since budding begins at the ends of the spurs.

Well it’s worth a try.

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