Organic Horse Care

David, Kim and Enrique are keeping 3 horses at the vineyard. There is a small enclosed corral where the horses live and then there is another larger corral of several acres where they are allowed to roam freely. This corral is on a steep un-plantable hillside full of sage brush and other native plants and grasses.

Under ¬†‘Natural Horse Care’ horses are – first, treated as herd animals¬†and given the companionship of other horses. Second, they are allowed to eat natural grasses which are further supplemented with other exotic high altitude grasses, no legumes, no sugar or treats and especially no shoes. They revert, or so it seems, to their natural feral state as prairie ponies and seem very pleased about it.

The Santa Ynez River provides limitless trails including access into the Santa Rita Hills. It is truly a rider’s paradise.

Horses tied in front of the winery invariably attract attention. What is it that attracts us? I am not a horse person but they attract me – I don’t think horses are the brightest bulbs in the animal kingdom – but then we don’t value horses for their intelligence. Whatever it is, it is always a pleasure to see neighbors visiting the winery on horseback and tying up at one of our several tying posts.

If you are riding in the neighborhood drop by and see us.
Photos courtesy of David and Hayden.
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