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We don’t generally show horses on our blog but these are new and in a new corral that David has just built. Of course, riding through the vineyard on a tall horse is part of almost every one’s fantasy but there is also a practical purpose – we think.

This is the time of year when we start sampling grapes – grabbing bunches indiscriminately and analyzing the juice. Normally we use ATVs but these are in constant use and hard to find when you need one. This is where the horses come in.

There are problems, of course, and one of them is that the rider is too high above the fruit zone to comfortably grab the the bunches and the other is, where to put the 5gal. buckets that are used to collect the samples. This may take a little more work.

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  • burros.

    use a burro (with a pack rig) to carry the buckets. the rider can still ride a horse, he or she will have to mount and dismount to grab bunches. you will want a shorter horse, one that has been trained to “ground tie” so that you can just drop the reins and it will stay in place. consult one of the ranches in the SY valley that raise/train cutting horses.

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