KCOY TV Early Harvest

KCOY TV visited the winery early Wednesday morning and posted this article on their web site.

NEAR BUELTON – In 1962 Pierre Lafond opened the first winery in Santa Barbara County since prohibition. Today, there are more than 100. Plenty has changed since then. Technology has workers picking faster, more efficiently, and earlier.

Before the sun comes up, the lights go on and the grapes come off. Pierre Lafond winery has light rigs on their picking bins which allow them to pick between three and four in the morning.The fruit comes to the winery at a cold 55 degrees instead of 85 which allows the winemaker to manage the fermentation process a little easier. The pickers are behind the idea as well. They are able to work faster in the cool morning hours instead of the hot afternoon sun. In fact, thanks to the cool of the morning, workers cut off about 11 tons of wine grapes out of 4 acres in about 5 hours. Which means that in one morning, Pierre Lafond Winery produces the equivelent of 600 cases or 7200 bottles of wine.

Lafond plans to finish up picking their pinot noir in about 10 days but wont finish their full harvest until late October. However, that plan depends on the weather.

To access their web site: KCOY.com

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