Fall Colors

These photos were taken by Lise Deinhard on a camping trip, Thanksgiving weekend, at the Vineyard. The autumn foliage colors of New England and Colorado, although not evident in our trees, can be seen in our vineyards and often with spectacular results. In the photo – darker blocks are Pinot Noir, they have already shed their leaves, the others are Syrah, Riesling and Chardonnay.
The pictures also give a sense of the surrounding geography. When camping here you get an additional sense of isolation – cell phones don’t work. Click images to enlarge:

3 Responses to “Fall Colors”

  • We might not produce colors or trees like New England but we have some gorgeous rolling hills of trees ! Santa Barbara wine country is one of a kind and a great place to be in the Fall time. One of my favorite places actually. SB is a lovely place with lovely beaches. Wine tasting is an art and one that must be done and perfected! Carr Vineyard is great and so is the Hitching Post! I always stay at the South Coast Inn (www.santa-barbara-hotel.com) whenever I go wine tasting. Close by and so elegant.

  • Santa Barbara autumns do indeed remind me of Northern and Central Italy. SO beautiful and the essence of it is all the same, it is fabulous. WIne is still in full effect in the fall, so don’t ever let it deter you from coming! It is actually the best time to come in my opinion-not as crowded and the weather isn’t as scorching! The South Coast Inn (www.goleta-hotel.com) is ideal if you want to go wine tasting in Santa Barbara. Classic chic and great for matured travelers.

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