Cordon Pruning at Lafond Vineyards in the Santa Rita Hills

We use two basic pruning methods – cordon and cane. In cordon pruning there is a permanent cane on the wire which can extend both sides of the vine, or sometimes just one side. The fruit canes grow from buds left on the permanent cane. The images below show our crew pruning the cordon trained vines. They will do all these first before doing the cane trained vines. It avoids confusion.

In cane pruning there is no permanent cane on the wire, canes from the previous year, usually four, are selected and tied to two levels of wires. The rest of last years canes are removed. This is a more labor intensive process because after pruning another crew needs to tie the canes to the wires but some varieties, such as Pinot Noir, have been shown to benefit.

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