Daily Archive for September 11th, 2014

The art of Stemming

9.11.14-2This is our Pollenc stemmer from France. There are very few in the valley.

The grapes are gently seperated from their stems and as they pass over the rollers fall through the spaces between to a moving conveyor belt while the stems ride above to a tray at the end where an augur pushes them into a picking box.

It is important not to damage the skins – they give color, tannin and more to the wine but it is equally important not to damage the stems as the flavors that might be extracted are not good – on the green side. Bite into one and you can imagine.

Circulating the Wine

9.11.14-3In order not to damage the grapes by pumping we circulate the wine by draining into a picking box and then lifting it into the tank. The wine is not yet fully fermenting, in fact it is mostly juice, and has not developed a cap which can be punched down to give the juice contact with the skins.

Winemaking is not all Art – Bruce looking at his Spreadsheets