Daily Archive for August 28th, 2014

More about the Harvest



8.28.14-harvest-3We are processing Pinot Noir and it looks to be a substantial harvest. Difficult to explain because after 2 years of drought you might assume that the harvest would be small.

The images show a new configuration of our grape handling process. The grapes picked at night are nice and cool despite warm days. They are de-stemmed in our ‘Pollenc’ machine which is incredibly gentle in seperating the grapes from the stem. The grapes pass through two conveyors where all extraneous material is removed. From the second conveyor they fall into an augur which pushes the grapes to the pump from where they go directly to the fermenting.

The whole process is very gentle and the secret is not to damage the skins. The skins give the wine its color and damaged skins can also give undesired flavors.