Daily Archive for February 12th, 2014

Drain Installation Lafond Vineyard

2.12.14.installing-drainThe image is of our contractor installing a 4′ diametere drain pipe under the ‘bench’ so that in rainy years, you remember, the vines are not washed away.

On our ‘bench’, an area of about 2.5 acres we formerly had Riesling, which we just pulled out. We will be re-planting with Grenache using clones that Winemaker Bruce McGuire has carefully selected. From our own experience and that of others, the Santa Rita Hills Appelation, can produce some very exciting wines from Grenache.

The 2013 vintage was the last for the ‘bench’. The vines were not producing and many had died but in a final effort gave us some excellent botrytis infected late harvest Riesling which we will bottle later this Spring.