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New Release Lafond Winery Syrah/Grenache

2010-lv-syrah-grenache-glass-webAfter three decades of wine growing in the Santa Rita Hills of the western Santa Ynez Valley, Pierre Lafond and winemaker Bruce McGuire are still experimenting with unconventional grape varieties in our cool climate growing region.

The knowledge gained since the first planting of six varieties in 1972 (one of the early vineyards in Santa Barbara County) has led to a focused approach in which varietals are sought out according to Bruce’s hypothesis on a grape’s potential to exhibit unique character when grown in our area.

This pioneering has paid off with great success such as the introduction of Syrah to the Santa Rita Hills. Grenache has the same potential as Syrah to show off spicy character expressed in a different way than the white pepper spice found in our cool climate Syrah.

The 2.25 acre planting has paid off in a distinctly bright Grenache exhibiting a hint of black pepper with cinnamon spice and dark red fruit flavors with a whisper of menthol. Three separate Syrah lots showcase the overt cool climate Syrah character.

Winemaker’s comments: 2010 was an excellent year for both Syrah and Grenache. A very cool summer with heat at the end of September. Cool climate spice with fully ripe flavors. A synergistic blend which highlights the best of each varietal.

Suggested Retail Price: 38.00

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New Release 2012 Lafond Winery SRH Riesling

srh-riesling-2012-bottle-glass-webRising in the middle of the western Santa Ynez Valley, the Santa Rita Hills are the distinguishing feature of our AVA, home of Lafond Vineyard and a wonderful area to grow Riesling.

The long, very cool growing season of this area is exemplified by February bud break and September harvest, a long period for vine physiology that creates wines of intense concentration and balanced acidity.

Riesling’s allure over that of other white wine is the necessary precision and attention to detail that goes into making this wonderfully versatille noble grape maintain its racy acidity and interestingly complex flavor profile.

In Alsace and Austria Riesling is traditionally made into a very dry wine. Winemaker Bruce McGuire has experimented over the years with different levels of sweetness, measured by residual sugar, from dry to late harvest style.

Lafond Vineyard is home to about 15 acres of Riesling. This dry Santa Rita Hills designated bottling comes from an old block which gives the wine great depth and concentration.

Winemaker’s comments: 68% from 38 year old vines. These lend structure and density while the young vines provide aromatic brightness.

Suggested Retail Price: 20.00
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The Vineyard in November

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