Daily Archive for October 29th, 2013


This has been a picture book harvest. Yields were good , quality high and the weather was moderate with few highs or lows and now that we are done we have rain.

And it is good that we have rain. We left a small block of Riesling hoping that sugars would increase and we could produce a Late Harvest Riesling.

Rain might facilitate that most elusive of growths Botrytis Cinerea, Noble Rot or ‘Pourriture Noble’, found in the Sauterne of France, Tokaj Hungary and Schloss Johanisberg on the Rhine.

10.29.13-botrytis-rieslingThere is no guarantee, the magin between plain rot and Botrytis is very slim. We can hope.

The image, of Botrityzed Riesling, came from Wikipedia