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Harvest 2013 at Santa Barbara Winery


Our 1970 Ford Tractor

Still working but too wide to go down our 6 foot rows. We use it to pull our 1000 gal. water tank fed by the water we use to clean equipment during harvest and later spread in the vineyard.

Tractors, Lights and Trailers

Enrique is preparing the picking trailers and giving the drivers some daylight training before night picking begins. The damage is usually to the end posts. Tractor and trailer are a little longer than they are accustomed and turn around at the end of the rows is cramped. 8.21.13-2

Wine and Fire the Wines of Sta. Rita Hills at La Purisima Mission

Harvest is Approaching 8/17/13

8.17.13-pickingboxesWe were surprised that one of our Pinot blocks showed a sampling of 22 brix which is getting up there and we had better get ready. And so today we began gathering our boxes to be cleaned at our cleaning station. We were convinced that because of the low vigor of the vines and the cool summer, at least until now, that harvest would be late. Nature has its own agenda.

Netting and Dropping Fruit

8.14.13-dropped-grapesWe are dropping an enormous amount of fruit in order to balance the vine. Ideally we hope for 3 tons per acre.

One image shows the Pinot Noir behind the nets and the other the amount of fruit we are leaving on the ground.

The grapes are tasting wonderful and if this moderate August weather continues the harvest should begin in early September.

The fog rolls in on schedule in late afternoon and dissipates in early morning – ideal weather for Pinot Noir.8.14.13-grapes Click images to enlarge:

2013 Wine Club Member BBQ

Bruce in the Field

8.11.13-bruce-wineclub-membersWinemaker Bruce McGuire taking a small group of Wine Club Members into the Pinot Noir. After a brief description of the art of growing Pinot he fielded, what he later commented, were some unusually good questions. It was a good day for the Annual BBQ even though the wind came up early but the temperature was just right.