Daily Archive for April 24th, 2013

Images from our Open House Weekend – Great Day

All photos by our in-house photographer Pablo Mendez.

Our Visit to the Kanaloa Seafood Plant in Santa Barbara

alternative This has nothing to do with wine except that we have some great wines that go with seafood. We toured the Kanaloa Seafood plant in Santa Barbara and heard a very impassioned presentation from owner Sandree Disraeli about her company’s dedication to preservation and sustainability. This is their only plant.

Kanaloa buys directly from fisherman, ‘green’ fisherman, who are dedicated not only to sustainability but into all aspects of their work – the way they fish, the engines in their boat, their nets…

By careful management they can increase the size of the fish they catch – using the natural reproductive life cycle of the various species – and bring back species that have all but disappeared.

We are working, at our restaurants with seafood companies, such a Kanaloa, and with the Monterrey Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Alliance, to provide the best and healthiest seafood. Healthy for the ocean and the consumer.

A few images of the fish as they are being prepared – weighing and tagging each item as it comes in, preparing the fish for delivery or shipment to all parts of the country. The care, the sanitation, the work of those who cut it, is very impressive.