Daily Archive for March 26th, 2013

Final Pruning Tuesday March 26, 2013

3.26.13-hand-pruning-2 We have started the final hand pruning. We delayed, after the machine pruning, on the theory that this would buy us a little time during the frost season. The fruit buds near the trunk would be delayed while those at the ends would grow.

We have already had two frost warnings, Friday and Saturday. Enrique has turned on our 9 large fans – these are run by gasoline motors, and unfurled a 2500 foot canvas fence to direct the frost coming down the gully away from the vines.

It takes about 2 hours to do all this. The alarm usually goes off around 1:00am. A great way to start the day. There will, undoubtedly, be several more warnings before spring is over and if not too severe the system should work.