Daily Archive for March 13th, 2013

Santa Barbara Winery Chardonnay

3.13.13-carlos-adjusting-puncheonIt is time to start pulling the wine out of the puncheons. The wine was fermented in puncheons, allowed to sit on its lees, a combination of sediment and yeast cells, and periodically stirred so that all the wine absorbs its flavors. The first image Alan is using gas to push out the wine. Bruce then places the puncheons on the barrel cleaner, then Carlos spins the puncheon to drain the lees and permit the cleaning spray to enter. Fabulous teamwork.

View of the Vineyard

3.13.13-view-from-north-sideThis is a photo taken from the north side of the river. The winery is hidden behind the trees in the background. If you click on the image you can see more clearly one of our fans on the right hand side straddling the road. This vineyard has two more fans, that we hope are strategically placed, as well as a long canvas fence that has yet to be unfurled – all for frost protection.


3.13.13-alan-toppingThis is Alan topping at the Lafond Winery. Usually when you top you wear a flashlight on your head so that you can see the level of the wine in the barrel, Alan does it by sound and he never overfills. This man could tune your piano.