Daily Archive for March 6th, 2013


We have just started bottling which we will now do, intermittently, for the next 6 months. Bottling mostly wine from the 2012 vintage but also some reds from 2011, wines that have benefited from additional barrel ageing.

The series of images shows first the bottling and corking, putting the capsule on by hand, spinning the metal capsule and finally putting the cases on a pallet. The non-robotic arm in the last image is our answer to sore backs after lifting and stacking cases all day.

We installed it last year but it was never used. This year, with a fresh start, it seems to have caught on. It works on suction lifting two 40 plus pound cases and positioning them on the pallet.
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View from Winery

3.05.13-view-of-river-treesThe day is cold and overcast. This is a view from the picnic area over the Pinot Noir showing the trees by the river and their frosted appearance in the winter light.
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