Daily Archive for February 27th, 2013

View of the Block damaged by Frost in 2012

2.27.13-future-pruningThis block which contains younger and older vines was severely damaged last year. The pruning machine has cut the canes to about 12 inches. We are waiting as long as possible to cut them down to two buds in the hope that this will retard their growth sufficiently to reduce frost damage. The theory is that the budding begins at the tip of the cane and by pruning later we reduce exposure for the buds further down the cane which will carry the fruit. Stay tuned…
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Getting Ready for Frost

Frost danger is March and April. We were severely damaged in our older vineyard on April 7, 2012. We had our frost consultant with us on Tuesday the 26th. Examining the main location of the damage gives us an indication of cold air flow. This year we have purchased several new large air fans and will be installing a canvas fence to further direct the cold air flow more effectively.

2.27.13-marking-xWe went on an inspection trip and what is striking is the amount of water in the river despite so little rain. David remarked that once the trees begin leafing they will be quickly sucking up the excess water. At this point we have had just a little over 5 inches and the annual average is close to 18 inches. The other photo is David marking the new placement of a fan, as recommended by our expert.