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1.22.13-prunerPruning is in full swing. First the pre-pruner which cuts the canes to about 12 inches in length and then the pruning crew comes in to cut them back to the desired buds.

1.22.13-pruning-vineNot so long ago this was all done by hand and required quite a bit of strength to pull the canes apart. During the growing season they become entwined as well as attached to the retaining wires. Pictures of the pruner and the result.

Lafond Winery 2010 Lafond Vineyard Chardonnay wins Double Gold at San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

2010-lv-chardonnay-wgDouble Gold means that all the judges in the panel have awarded a Gold Medal to a specific wine, an infrequent occurrence.

The grapes for this wine come from one of our oldest blocks which has consistently produced our best Chardonnay.

The wine is fermented in 160 gal. puncheons, goes through malolactic (secondary) fermentation, allowed to sit on its lies (sediments), and regularly topped and stirred.

Winemaker Bruce McGuire uses a proven combination of new and old puncheons to produce a perfect complexity.
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Price: 40.00/750ml
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Today at Lafond Winery

Topping was the order of the day. There are 540 60gal. barrels, each topping consumes four barrels. The wine in the barrel used for topping is being pushed out with argon gas to avoid damaging the wine. Topping requires a certain amount of agility.1.15.13-topping-1

The Weather and Pruning

It has been very cold dropping to 24F one morning. Fortunately the vines are dormant, that kind of temperature would be curtains for budding grapes unless you had overhead sprinklers, which we don’t have.

The large blowers, which we have , and the fencing to direct the flow of cold air would most certainly be inadequate. Normally in the spring we deal with temperatures no lower than 29-30F and even with these temperatures much depends on good luck.1.15.13-pruning

Meanwhile we are beginning to use our automatic pre-pruner in the highest blocks, least susceptible to frost. The image is Enrique getting ready to move the pruner.

Lafond Winery 2009 Arita Hills Pinot Noir wins Best of Class at the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

2009-lv-pinot-noir-arita-hills-bottle-wg Arita Hills Vineyard is our neighbor and one that we have managed for several years. Winemaker Bruce McGuire picks the best grapes for his signature Vineyard Designate Wines. It adds to a long list of his superb Pinot Noirs.
The price: 45.00/750ml
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A Great Trifecta – Discounted to Cover Shipping


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Santa Barbara from Shoreline Park




Private Tasting for Wine Club Group Alan Pouring


Camping Scenes at the Vineyard

12.30.12-camping-5 Ranch hands taking a break!
12.30.12-camping-1 Oops! This last one I am still trying to identify. Mountain lion??