Daily Archive for September 12th, 2012

Processing Pinot Noir

Wednesday morning the winery crew is ready to process last night’s grapes. The image shows the grapes being dumped onto a conveyor belt where workers remove anything that shouldn’t be there.

The clusters then pass through the stemmer that removes the stems and also dried berries and loose seeds and then drops the grapes, undamaged, onto another conveyor where the final selection is made.

The grapes are collected in a picking box at the end of the line and will be forklifted into a fermenter.
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Night Picking

We started picking our first block of Pinot Noir last night at 8:00pm. We do all our picking at night. When we first started night picking almost 10 years ago no one , or almost no one, was doing it.

It requires lights, of course, and our system has evolved from pulling a generator to having the tractor generate the necessary electricity – a system that David developed. The pickers actually prefer night picking – it’s cooler.

Initially we started at 1:00am and continued to daylight. The advantage of 8:00pm is that it doesn’t require getting up out of bed.
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