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Wedding Reception at Santa Barbara Winery 5/26/12

Pinot Noir Flowering

The Pinot Noir began flowering last week and it is still in its initial stages. Flowering is important, it precedes the setting of the cluster.

Too much heat, heavy rain, or worst of all hail, will affect the set and the set determines the size and to a certain extent the quality of the crop.

So far condition have been ideal and flowering should be complete by early June. We have had some frost damage in a few blocks but our newer field at Burning Creek is looking very good.


David and I joined more than 100 other suppliers in Chicago last week. Every year our Chicago Distributor, Winesellers,  hosts a wine tasting Gala giving us the opportunity to meet with them, showcase our wine and meet their national sales representatives. The weather was beautiful giving us the opportunity to walk through Lincoln Park and take in the skyline. — in Chicago, IL.
Michelle Lafond, Marketing Director: Santa Barbara Winery / Lafond Winery

Wedding at Lafond Vineyards

Adding an extra Tank

Some wines, like the Santa Barbara Winery Chardonnay, of which we are bottling over 20,000 cases are difficult to blend. Difficult because our tank capacity is limited and there are so many components. The solution is to rent a wine tanker for a few days. The tanker has a capacity of 6500 gals., equal to one of our largest tanks. The trick is to get it inside without hitting anything and far enough to close the winery doors.

Bruce is now blending the wine using a flow gauge to accurately calculate each component. The result, I can guarantee, will be equal to last year’s vintage which won a Platinum Medal a few weeks ago at the Monterrey Wine Competition. The secret is in Bruce’s selection of vineyards and the meticulous handling of the wine. Meanwhile, enjoy the 2010 vintage before it runs out.
To Order the 2010 Santa Barbara County Chardonnay: Santa Barbara Winery