Daily Archive for April 3rd, 2012

Bottling Time

We are in for another spell of bottling – this time small lots both of Santa Barbara Winery and Lafond Winery. Some of the lots are over 500 cases but the majority are under 250. For Santa Barbara Winery Lagrein, Primitivo, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and I am sure I have missed some.

For the Lafond Winery Pinot Noir and Syrah identified by clone and/or vineyard. These are all red wines, none have been filtered, they have been cold stabilized and gently racked after they have settled. Filtering, forcing wine through pads or a filtration medium tends to strip the wine.

The key person in the bottling line is the one who places the capsule as the bottles whiz by. Carlos has magic hands and rarely misses a beat.
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Pinot Noir 4.03.12

Not that much change from a week ago but we are seeing green almost everywhere on the cordons. This is a close-up of a budding vine clearly showing a double cluster. It is too early to tell how many or what percentage are carrying a double cluster, but it is a good sign.
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The Ceanothus are beautiful this time of year. We have several around the winery but this one in front, as you drive up, is especially beautiful. Wikipedia has a good article on this plant native to the Pacific coastal ranges.
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