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New Release Santa Barbara Winery 2008 Stolpman Vineyard Sangiovese

The Stolpman Vineyard is located in Ballard Canyon about 9.5 miles east of our Lafond Vineyard. The warmer climate in
Ballard Canyon is nicely suited for Sangiovese, historically the primary grape of the Chianti region of Italy. Known for its dense cherry fruit Sangiovese’s popularity has been on the increase as winemakers around the world discover the structure and full-bodied nature of the wine along with its affinity for blending with other varietals.

Winemaker Bruce McGuire continues to be pleased with this newer block of Sangiovese; 2008 is the seventh harvest from this section. This wine is enflamed with rustic spice, bright forward cherry flavors, an underlying core of acidity, and soft food-friendly tannins. Walking the tight rope between the true Tuscan style and a New World flare, Bruce strives to maintain the structure of the acclaimed Chiantis from the Montalcino and Montepulciano regions. It is always a champion in summer especially with dishes utilizing fresh vine-ripened tomatoes.

Winemker’s comments: Frost affected the 2008 vintage reducing the harvest to 40% of its normal size. A 49 day extended maceration gives the wine its structure and persistence. (In extended maceration the winemaker keeps the fermented wine in contact with the must until the desired extraction and balance has been reached)
Suggested retail: 25.00/750ml
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Pinot Noir is Budding

These are two photos taken today from ou older Pinot Noir block near the winery. On the whole the growth seems even, that is, some areas are not jumping ahead of others.

We have had only one frost alarm so far this year, which is good news, but we have, at least, another month of potential frost damage. For now, the crop looks good.
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New Well

Our old well that serves the Syrah and Pinot Noir around the winery has given out. We don’t know exactly how old it is but materials used in the well casing lead us to believe it was installed in 1937.

Being close to the river the new well does not need to be very deep – 70 feet. It draws the water from a gravel layer less than 70 feet down.

With the lack of rain this year irrigation becomes important. Whereas our old well could only irrigate 2 acres at a time, its ability to draw water had slowly deteriorated, the new well should be good for 6 or 7 acres. We, as almost all vineyards in Santa Barbara , use drip irrigation which is very frugal with water use. Every few years, however, we need substantial rainfall to clear away the salt build up around the drip perimeter.

This is a picture of the drilling rig – not very interesting.

Discing Cover Crop

With the chance of rain almost over and the vines about to bud we are discing under our cover crop. This photo is taken in our new Burning Creek block which is why you will notice that the vines are still pretty small.

The vines have been trained on the wire, which is what really matters in order to produce fruit. In the coming years the the vines will grow rapidly.
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Bud Break

We are seeing the first bud break in the Pinot Noir of our younger vines – this in our Burning Creek block. Now only two things to worry about, frost and fruit set after flowering.
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Santa Barbara Winery Wine Club Pick-up Party – Saturday March 10, 2012

This is an event that we have for our Wine Cub Members, every other month, and it is always well attended.

It is an opportunity for members to sample new releases and pair with some very good cheeses as well as some fabulous brownies and strawberries.

And finally a happy Club member.
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