Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Private Tasting in the Barrel Room at Santa Barbara Winery

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Preparing the Vineyard for the Coming Rains

With harvest finished activity at the vineyard changes and we prepare for the next vintage. Here we are preparing the ground for a cover crop – a combination of grasses and legumes which while protecting from run-off contribute nutrients to the soil.

The images are, first the chiseling, which breaks up the ground compacted during the summer by tractors, then the discing to break up the clumps from the chiseling and smooth out the soil in preparation for seeding. All this needs to be done before the rains begin.
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Autumn Colors in the Vineyard

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Sangiovese and New Stemmer

Today, Saturday 6, is one of our last days of crushing. We are trying out a new stemmer from Italy which promises to be more gentle on stem and grape. Hard to explain how it works, since I don’t quite understand it myself. Inside (the enclosed part)  are bent plastic fingers which gently separate the grapes from the stems.

The grapes and stems fall into a series of rollers which have small holes between them, that allow the grapes to drop through. The stems float on top to a screw conveyor and into a collecting box. The stemmer has four motors so there are plenty of adjustments possible.

The photos are a sequence from dumping to the final conveyor that take the grapes to another picking box (not visible) and eventually to the fermenter. Click images to enlarge: