Daily Archive for July 20th, 2010

Veraison Pinot Noir

It is a little late this year but finally we have veraison in the Pinot Noir. It came rather suddenly, less than a week ago there was no sign and now it is everywhere. This means two things; one the harvest will probably start in early September and two, we need to net the vines.

Netting will start in early August. This year we are experimenting with a new type of netting – one that covers only the fruit area as opposed to covering several rows at a time which makes access complicated. In addition, the new netting, instead of being removed at harvest, will be rolled and tied to the lower drip line wire and remain there until needed again.

It seems like a brilliant idea, greatly reducing labor, making access for sampling a lot easier and depriving our winged friends the opportunity of feasting on our grapes.
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Lafond Vineyard Burning Creek Block

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Our Burning Creek block, 37 acres of Pinot Noir planted last year, is doing extremely well. This spring we cut the vine back to two buds, keeping it still in the growth tube. The first year the vine grows a root system, the second year the canes that will bear fruit in the third year.

The whole block has thrived. The vine in the photo has two canes extending well above the growth tube, these will be tied to the wire this coming winter and next spring the canes that grow from it will carry the fruit.