Daily Archive for May 7th, 2010


Every year we have to re-plant vines. Some succumb to diseases, such as nematodes or Pierce’s disease, others to gophers, deer, wild boar, or other natural causes. We have developed a system – one person is assigned to going through the vineyard, every day, to monitor the new plants – to water, to make sure they are not being choked off by weeds. It is actually a pretty cushy job driving through the vineyard in an ATV pulling a 100gal. tank of water.

This year, in the 137 +/- acres, we manage, we are re-planting over 2000 vines. This is more than usual, we are being very aggressive and pulling out mature vines that have been affected by disease and have little chance of recovery. Next year it should be a lot less.

The second image is of Enrique Solozano our long-time Vineyard Foreman, who lives at the vineyard, and makes all the critical decisions.
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Lafond Vineyards

It may not be unusual, but it is always surprising, to find a bee colony in the vineyard. Fortunately, one of our neighbors is a commercial honey producer with colonies in many areas and he will gladly relocate the colony. The bees may be anticipating the flowering which is about to happen. The lower image shows a cluster showing signs of doing just that.
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