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Santa Barbara Winery Releases the 2007 Petite Sirah

We are happy to release our third vintage of Petite Sirah.
This grape has had a rather muddled history ever since it was first cultivated in California circa 1890 shortly after being either propagated or identified as a seperate varitety in France in the 1880’s. It is not Syrah, and there is nothing “petite” about it in terms of grape size or flavor.

Many older Petite Sirah vineyards in California are actually “field blends” containing as many as five grape variteies (including Petite Sirah and Syrah). DNA fingerprinting has also shown what we know as Peitite Sirah could actually be the ancient Rhone variety Peloursin.

Or, as the most popular theory goes, this grape is actually Durif, a cross of Peloursin and Syrah created in France in the 1880’s. Whatever the reason, the name “Petite Sirah” has stuck and the wine became an early favorite in California as the rich, massive wines it produces were a natural favorite when paired with old rancho cuisine featuring grilled meats and vegetables.

The big flavors, black pepper spice and rustic tannins are also a terrific match with hearty stews. Winemaker Bruce McGuire blended the adjoining Thompson Vineyard and Tres Burro Vineyard in Alisos Canyon north of Los Alamos, a site he feels is well suited for grapes to make big, rich wines. Petite Sirah is not known for extended aging ability and we suggest enjoying this wine between 2010 and 2013.

Suggested retail 28.00/750ml
Production: 338 Cases
To order: Santa Barbara Winery

TV Crew from Spain at Santa Barbara Winery Documenting Life in SB for 2 Women from Spain

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Open House Lafond Winery, Saturday March 17 during Vintner’s Festival

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Cheese Pairing at Santa Barbara Winery Saturday, March 17, 2010

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4.17.10 View of Entry to Lafond Winery from Santa Rosa Road, Syrah block in foreground

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4.17.10 Pinot Noir Cluster Lafond Vineyard

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Ceanothus Americanus in full bloom at Lafond Winery

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Fan-Tipping 4.09.10 Lafond Vineyards

In order to maintain even cane growth workers go through the field selecting the longer canes and pinching off the ends. This retards their growth slightly and allows the others to catch up.

All this is to promote more even ripening and in the end a better wine.

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4.09.10 Pinot Noir Lafond Vineyards

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Pinot Noir April 2 Lafond Vineyard

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