Daily Archive for March 16th, 2010

View of Vineyard 03.16.10 and Watercolor Artist Jan French’s interpretation for our Santa Barbara Winery Label

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The Bottling Season

Today was the first day of bottling season. About 6 months, not of constant bottling, but 6 months of readying the wine, stabilizing it, filtering it when necessary and bottling. Not very glamorous but as the winemaker says, ‘we need to make room for the 2010 vintage’.

The reality is that this process is very important and the winemaker’s total ability and experience come into play. Winemaker Bruce McGuire has been doing this for 28 years and he has an intuitive feel when the wine is ready or when it needs more time.

The images are of the first day of bottling.  The first wine bottled was the 2009 Riesling made entirely from our Lafond Vineyard vines, sightly over 1000 cases. The wine will not be released for at least 6 months – time needed to recover from bottle shock. The wait is worth it the wine is one of the best Rieslings we have made coming in large part from our new Riesling block in the vineyard.
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