Hawk in Distress

David Lafond rescued this Hawk from a tree that had fallen at the winery entrance during the last storm. He will take it to the Raptor center in Ojai and make certain he is OK. He will then be released at the vineyard – familiar ground.

Petting Zoo – more photos

Photos by Lise Deinhard. There is a dog in two of the photos. The dog is not part of the Petting Zoo.

New Petting Zoo

Vineyard Manager Enrique with David in the Petting Zoo. Images are by Kim Lafond. The zoo was originally kept at David and Kim’s ranch while this one was being built. Turkeys are being kept in an adjacent and separate enclosure.

1968 Earthrise from Apollo 8

Click to enlarge: One of the most important and dazzling photos ever taken. For more on this image click more.

Toyota Plant

It has nothing to do with wine but it is interesting and maybe a little…

Handsome Turkeys grown by Enrique the Vineyard Manager

We are opening a petting zoo this weekend. Although the Turkeys will not be a part of it they live right next to it.

Harvest Open House at Lafond Winery

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Autumn is Here

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The Solvang Stomp

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Last load of Pinot Noir for this year. Stemmed and pumped into Stainless Fermenter with temperature control.

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Harvest Scenes and People-Processing the Night Picking-Photos by Kim Lafond

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Harvest Images from Kim Lafond – All our picking is done at night, cool grapes maintain flavor during processing

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Lafond Brother and Sister, David and Lise pouring at the Santa Ynez Valley Wine County Rodeo

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From Kim Lafond – Ace and Gizmo on their Ranch

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Dinner at the Lafond Winery

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Leather Craft at the Winery

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Kim Lafond Photos from the Vineyard including our favorite Don Quijote

The Vines are doing well – this is a progress report from Kim Lafond

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Photo from the Past – Pierre and Vineyard Manager Bill Collins – First Harvest 1978

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Bottling 2016 Santa Barbara Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

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